Welcome to the JVC DVD-CD-USB 6.1″ Screen Bluetooth KWAV60BT car DVD player reviews, you’re at the right place if you’re looking to buy new DVD player for your car. The JVC DVD-CD-USB 6.1 KWAV60BT received 4.7 out of 5 stars rating, this product are one of the beauties made for your car.


JVC DVD-CD-USB 6.1 KWAV60BT Reviews And Opinions

If you dream of a great entertainment, you can rely it on the branded audio/video products. Since many decades ago, JVC is one of leading audio/video products in the world. Each product of JVC always delivers the best picture and sound quality that can bring your imagination to go through you expectation. JVC always dedicates their efforts to  improve the quality of each product they launches to the market. One of the greatest products from JVC is JVC DVD-CD-USB 6.1 KWAV60BT. This is a new products from JVC company that receives 4.7 star reviews in Amazon.

This JVC DVD-CD-USB 6.1 KWAV60BT is a low cost product that can give you sound and picture quality better than your expectation. The JVC DVD-CD-USB 6.1 KWAV60BT is equipped with WVGA monitor with the width of 6.1 inches. With such display size, you can see clearly the menu and  the videos the JVC DVD-CD-USB 6.1 KWAV60BT plays. This JVC product is an in-dash product and it is perfect for your car. With the dimension of 15.1 x 7.2 x 10.3 inches and weighs 7 pounds, the JVC DVD-CD-USB 6.1 KWAV60BT looks good in the dash.


To know more about the JVC DVD-CD-USB 6.1 KWAV60BT, we need to look at the features the product brings. For connectivity, this JVC product is equipped with USB port, Audio ports, and video ports for iPod and iPhone. The USB port can be used to access songs from a flash drive or to connect the JVC DVD-CD-USB 6.1 KWAV60BT with a computer to download more song collection to the player.

The audio input is available for any MP3 players and mobile phone using either USB and Bluetooth. When using Bluetooth, you don’t need to attach your mobile phone to the dash. Just play it and the JVC DVD-CD-USB 6.1 KWAV60BT will capture the Bluetooth signal and play the song. With this JVC products, almost all audio formats can be played such as WAV, WMA, and also MP3.


To change the menu or to go to the next song, you only need to touch the display. You can also control the JVC DVD-CD-USB 6.1 KWAV60BT using MotionX Bluetooth wireless 2-way control. To get more entertainment, Pandora application is also installed within the JVC. You need to activate the Pandora first before you can use it. According to many other comments about the JVC DVD-CD-USB 6.1 KWAV60BT, the sound quality is great. Other people also said that the integration between the JVC DVD-CD-USB 6.1 KWAV60BT and their Apple’s products are excellent.

To get the best sound, you can adjust the equalizer. There are some presets that can be chosen. Manual equalizer adjustment also allow you to adjust the subwoofer control along with balancing adjustment for the side, rear and front speakers. When using with the iPhone, the caller face will show up in the screen and a button to accept the call is provided for you. This JVC DVD-CD-USB 6.1 KWAV60BT is a great product and you should have one immediately for your own convenience.

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