Kenwood DDX418 Car DVD Review


It is fun to have a little music or entertainment in the car. The fun is even bigger if the entertainment in the car is supported by high quality audio and video product. Furthermore, a little entertainment in the car can help the driver to stay focus and alert. Therefore, it is important to install high quality audio and video device in a car. To help you with your need of high quality entertainment for your car, you can choose one product in the list of high end multimedia products. However, if you are a kind of person that wish for the average audio/video entertainment, then the Kenwood DDX418 is a good choice. The product is among the best audio / video products in the market. Kenwood has been for decades become the leader in entertainment business and its brand is the warranty of satisfaction and quality. The Kenwood DDX418 is a high quality entertainment device made for perfectionist people that wish good entertainment in their car. The Kenwood DDX418 is sold for $$$ (not to mention the discount yet) is various online stores such as Amazon, Ebay, etc

The great Kenwood DDX418 is only two pounds and it has dimension of 12 x 10.2 x 7.5. The dimension of the Kenwood DDX418 is perfect for the dash and to install it you only need to follow the instruction one by one.  Kenwood DDX418 is similar to other products and it has everything you need for entertainment. First it has great sound and crisp picture. With large display and touch screen technology, you can operate the Kenwood DDX418 while you are driving. The menu is placed on the left making you easier to choose the menu you want. Touch it gently with the tip of the finger and the Kenwood DDX418 will respond well.

The Kenwood DDX418 has Bluetooth technology that can be used to connect the device with other gadgets such as mobile phone, iPhone, iPad and many others. The Bluetooth is very useful when you want to play songs from your mobile phone but you don’t have the cable.  Just turn on the Bluetooth and the Kenwood DDX418 will respond and play the song for you. Other connectivity such as USB and memory slot are also available for additional storage. Just plug your flash drive and the Kenwood DDX418 plays your songs. The Kenwood DDX418 is able to play almost all audio formats and certain video format. However, the Kenwood DDX418 doesn’t have a dock for iPhone or iPod. To connect the iPhone and iPod you can use either USB port or Bluetooth. The apps inside the Kenwood DDX418 can also be upgraded but you have to pay for it. However, it is not a big deal when you can get a great entertainment with a little cost. The Kenwood DDX418 is available in almost all car accessories store and electronic store. To install it, just bring the Kenwood DDX418 and the car to the expert or you can follow the instruction manual step by step to avoid mistake.

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