Welcome to the reviews of the Kenwood DDX470 double din car DVD player. We’ll show you some of the functions and features of this 6.1 inch touch screen DVD player also some of its compatibility so you can check it out and decided for yourself but some people are really impressed by this audio unit.


So here we go, the Kenwood DDX470 comes with AM/FM radio, CD, DVD, with Bluetooth, it also satellite radio ready so you can add satellite radio to it and also iPod compatible, you can also do Bluetooth audio streaming (not just iPod, iPhone but also Blackberry and Android smartphone compatible).  

But obviously if you’re an iPod user DDX470 will work flawlessly, just go to the iPod setting and you’re ready. But for non iPod there is USB underneath if you want to you USB drive or if you got something that it’s none iPhone which you can just plug it in that way to run music.

There is also the telephone, you can have direct dial if you’d like to or you can have preset loaded into it. And Kenwood DDX470 double din have a very nice feature which is a voice dial, voice command for iPhone users, and you can tap right into Siri to do some tasks, for an example you can send text messages using Siri, search addresses and then pulled them up on the phone, etc.

You can also run your Pandora over Bluetooth while some other reviewer said that you can like or dislike a song but you must plug your iPhone 4S into the USB connector.


For iPhone 5 users if you plugged your iPhone using apple 30 pins the video will not work but almost everything with audio will work and it also will charge your phone.


This Kenwood DDX470 is also very quick on switching or going in between iPod songs and your phone will automatically paired when you jumped in.

Garmin Street Pilot® On-Board App Support – iPhone 4/4S users can now use their device to display Garmin’s map interface onto any 2013 DDX monitor (optional KCA-iP202 cable required).

Purchase the Garmin On-Board App from iTunes (U.S.A or N.America map versions), add the Vehicle Display Integration option and you will now be able to view the map and hear directions through the DDX receiver.  As an on-board App, you will use minimal GPS data for navigating.


On the back of Kenwood DDX470 you’ll find audio/video in, video out, camera input, and then RCA, also subwoofer output, and you also have the satellite port for the satellite tuner from Kenwood.

The touch screen response is very good and fast for example if you touch the menu, do some setting,  etc which is very good.

Let’s look at the official product description:

Experience music while you are driving with the Kenwood Double-DIN Multimedia DVD Receiver.  You can listen to your favorite music through its Bluetooth connectivity from compatible devices such as tablets or smartphones for your convenience. Connect to many USB devices like the iPhone® or others with the DVD receiver as it also has USB plug-and-play connectivity. Access your SiriusXM account for sport games and music channels as the DVD receiver is SiriusXM ready.

It is also enabled to connect with audio/video devices with the AV Aux input ports. It comes with a steering wheel remote for quick and easy changing of volume, tracks without removing your hand from the steering wheel. If you need to improve your safety while reversing, there is also an input for a rear view camera.

The reversing camera would work as soon as you switch into reverse gear and it is optional when you have installed the Kenwood CMOS reverse camera. Enjoy listening to your favorite radio channel.

So, how much does Kenwood DDX470 cost? Check out the price and special offer by clicking here