Panasonic DMP-B500 WiFi Enabled 10.1-Inch Screen Portable Blu-ray Disc Player

The Quality of Audio and Video for DMP B 500 Portable Player from Panasonic

People sometimes feel bored with having no idea for what to do during their travelling time. As all people have understood when we spend a long time for travelling we will have great boredom there. traveling is a fun thing but spending a long time on the road inside the car or any other vehicles become something boring, right? That is why for people who often do a long distance traveling or often spending time inside the car to do the daily routines, it is better to get the device which can allow us getting a fun trip every day.

The portable player for music, videos, pictures, and many more will be such the important things to release the boredom during a trip and help us killing the boring time. The device of DMP B 500 portable player for blu ray disc from Panasonic can be the option for having a fun time during our trip and traveling. This device has a high definition screen as like we watch the great quality monitor everyday but in a portable size or the smaller size. Sure, this device is from Panasonic which is well known on their great quality TV quality, so it is no doubt that this product also has a high quality screen too.

Even though it is the product from Panasonic which is a leading manufacturer for great devices, we still need to know much about the features, specifications, and also technology of this DMP B 500 portable player for blu-ray disc from Panasonic. It has a great monitor in more than ten inch LCD with the resolution of 600×1024. It will produce the higher quality than the conventional and common portable players of DVD. In addition to make the traveling or trip much more enjoyable, we can enjoy the high quality screen for the movie with the great quality audio too.

This device is completed by built in speakers with the Dolby surround sounds. Thus, it does not only offer a high definition video but also audio. For the connectivity, we will find the Wi-Fi connectivity on the device. Since it is the product of Panasonic, they also provide the feature of the online contents of Viera cast. For the battery, the power is quite satisfying since it can be used for more than three hours. For the compatibility for the media, it is quite complete such like flash drives of USB, memory card, DVD, CD, and many more.

For the pictures, it will be totally flexible since there is the option to adjust it, such like for the sharpness, brightness, color, contrast, and many more. The option is totally helpful especially if we want to save much more power of the battery. We can easily lower the brightness. What about the design of this device? Even though for its flexibility and portability, it is totally easy to bring but for the safety, it should be better. It is not that serious if we can handle it with care, for example by always covering this DMP B 500 portable player for blu-ray disc from Panasonic with the pouch or case which can protect it from any damage.

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