One of today’s miracle for mothers out there are Portable DVD Players that put together to the back of car headrests and there for lots of mother is grateful.

We have all been there. Trapped in the car with impatient kids who persist on irritating each other among never-ending cries of “Are we there yet?”. Luckily, that situation can be a thing to the past when you install one or two of these clever gadgets.

I usually believed that portable DVD players for the car are either costly and not easy to install or both. I was incorrect on both reckons. Let’s see at what is offered.

Single DVD Player with Car Kit

You only have to purchase one single DVD unit if you only have one kid.

A car kit is all included in these single DVD Player for easy installation to the back of the front seat. The mounting setups vary from easy-to-secure straps to headrest brackets and are all easy enough for the home handyman or woman to install without bother.

Your child will love you for getting them one of these if they have no siblings to keep them accompany along the trips.

Panasonic DVD-LS82 8.5″ Portable DVD Player with Headrest Kit

Sylvania SDVD1332 13.3-Inch Swivel Screen Portable DVD Player with USB/SD Card Reader

Sylvania SDVD7046-Black 7-Inch Portable DVD Player with Integrated Handle


Dual DVD Players for Car

If it states otherwise, the majority of portable car DVD Players arrive in sets of two, one for each headrest. These twin DVD players showing similar movie at the same time on both screens.

Do your kids have different movie taste? Is so, please think about purchasing the Sylvania SDVD9805 9-Inch Twin, Dual Screen DVD Player, which will play the same or different movies at the same time. You will pay a little bit extra for these, but the advantage is you’re more likely to keep everybody happy in the back seat!


Sylvania SDVD9805 9-Inch Twin, Dual Screen DVD Player, play the same or different movies, plus Built-In USB/SD Card Reader


Philips PD7012/37 7-Inch LCD Dual Screen Portable DVD Player, Black


CLICK7 Duo Deluxe Value Pack – Includes two 7″ DVD Players, two dual-channel Wireless Headphones and Stanchion Mount Duo