You’re now arrived at Pioneer AVHP8400 / AVH-P8400BH / AVH-P8400BH In-Dash 2-DIN DVD Receiver with 7.0 LCD car dvd player reviews. We will also including the discount and cheapest option (if available) from vendor so you can get the cheapest price available for this car DVD player.


Pioneer AVHP8400BH DVD with Receiver Review

Pioneer has just launched its newest car DVD player with Receiver. The Pioneer AVHP8400BH is a $485.9 DVD player that you could buy at Amazon. The DVD is highly reviewed and starred. Based on the rating stars, it receives four stars out of five. Why so many people highly rated the Pioneer AVH8400BH DVD with receiver, we need to look inside to find it out. This Pioneer AVHP8400BH is a DVD player with many features that you rarely get from other products.

This pioneer DVD has amazing LCD display. A 7” LCD display is installed with the DVD Player. It can give you clear view toward the menus, navigation keys, and many others with the quality of 800 x 400 VGA quality and with ration of 16:9 make the display looks comfortable to see.  When you use it to see videos, it shows you crystal clear pictures and nice too. The display system is made to spoil you. With the anti-glare technology works well and reduce the noise because of outside light. The screen display also has anti – smudges technology that frees the screen from any fingerprints and smudges. Although you touch t he screen very often, you will never leave your track on the screen.

Before we go further on  the product, we need to take a look the features that the Pioneer AVHP8400BH presents. Base on the manual that comes along the box, the Pioneer AVHP8400BH is equipped with various media playback. You can play MP3/DVD/ CD/ WMA and other media format with this Pioneer product. For convenience during your driving, the Pioneer AVHP8400BH has GPS Navigation ready.

However, if you focus is on the entertainment, the Pioneer AVHP8400BH is also equipped with auxiliary input, dual USB ports for easy connectivity with computer or other gadgets. The Pioneer AVHP8400BH is made for iPod. You can attach your iPod on the Pioneer AVHP8400BH and you can listen to your favorite song along the ride. HD radio is also provided to boost your comfort and also give you more choices on entertainment. For the connectivity with other gadgets, Bluetooth port is installed. You can connect your phone to the DVD player.

Pandora app is also installed in the Pioneer AVHP8400BH. However, you need to launch the Pandora before it can be used. For your info, the Bluetooth connectivity is also use full when you want to play music from you mobile phone. There are many other functions hide inside the Pioneer AVHP8400BH.

Calendar or date function is very helpful if you want to know the date and reduce to risk of accident when looking to your phone while you are driving. The sound that the Pioneer AVHP8400BH produces is very great and clear. You can feel the beats through your heart. Once you installed the Pioneer AVHP8400BH in your car, you will never want to leave your car anymore. You will prefer stay in your car and listen to the Pioneer AVHP8400BH rather than go out hanging with your friends. Get one now and enjoy it!

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