Welcome to the Kenwood DNN990HD eXcelon 2-DIN features review. DNN990HD is the new Kenwood’s line of connected entertainment receivers. This new category of products will change the way we face the in-car entertainment. The Kenwood DNN990HD provides all of the same sources and navigation that can be found on the Kenwood’s DNX line of products and receivers.


These include the Garmin GPS navigation, built in Bluetooth, HD radio, satellite radio ready, and interface for iPod or iPhone for video and music playback.

The difference between DNN and DNX is the built in Wi-Fi for internet connectivity, when DNN connects to the internet it offers variety of media, travel, and entertainment applications which will provide the best in-car experience.


Because the DNN only has built in Wi-Fi, it is up to the users to provide the internet via Hot-Spot, or smartphone setup as a hotspot. Most smartphones today can be easily setup as hostspot by contacting the cellphone provider and paying additional fee.

Once receiving internet the DNN will connect directly to its dedicated server, this server will funnel the internet content to the DNN and this allows us to develop our own application which optimized for in-car use and easy also safe to operate while driving.

Like most devices today, you’re required to create an account in order to use the connected features found on the DNN990HD receivers. Once registered you’ll be able to login to the DNN using the same username and password, and begin using the connected features.
Source operation on the Kenwood DNN990HD will be different from other Kenwood receivers because it offers 4 sources of menu which is social media access, media history, Kenwood sources, and entertainment applications. Getting to know these 4 source menus will help you understand the operation of the DNN receiver.

The travel tools section of the DNN990HD double din provides a variety of features and applications to help optimize travel. The feature triplog will upload your travel history to the Kenwood server so then can be viewed from the website. These information such as starting point, end point as well as date, time and travel distance can be viewed there.

You can also see any photos taken using the route collector iPhone application these routes can then be turned into album, which can be shared on the social media websites. Also from the route collector website the feature trip planner, you can create custom route and then upload them to DNN990HD via the internet.

These routes will go directly to the Garmin GPS and this is great feature for someone who travels frequently because they can setup their route plan before even entering the vehicle. Also part of the travel tools section the DNN990HD car dvd player has built in Inrix. Inrix provides up to date traffic and weather information as well as other variety of travel applications. Inrix traffic will be displayed directly into the built in Garmin navigation such as traffic conditions (road construction, traffic congestion, and accident) and displayed them on the Garmin map. The Garmin then detour you around any traffic incidents by providing more efficient route.

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