Sony XAV-60 6.1" inch In-Dash Touchscreen DVD/CD/MP3 Receiver
Surely, the existence of the various gadgets often makes people feel excited because of its great function and its features which might help people to deal with any duties various kinds of duties easily. It is including for the need to have much fun during their duties. Of course, the existence of the technology and gadgets offer a lot of simplicity. Sure technology is made to meet people’s need especially on the simplicity, time saving, and energy saving. Nowadays, various kinds of gadgets can give us the satisfactions. If we look for the device for the interface to enjoy any kinds of entertainment, we will also find so many choices of device.

For the portable needs, such like for our car, we can try to install a receiver which enables us to play music, video, and open pictures during our trip inside the car. The XAV 60 touch screen for in dash use from Sony can be an option. It is one of the well known and favorite devices for the mobile need that people might get the satisfaction. The device is a significant entertainment for a car since of course we often feel bored to deal with the long trip or the stuck traffic jam. We need an entertainment to kill time and to release the boredom. This receiver device from Sony will help us to meet the need. However, is it totally worth the price? Before we go to order one, we should find more about the feature and specification below that might be helpful.

This XAV 60 touch screen receiver by Sony offers hundreds of features. It has more than six inches touch screen monitor with WVGA-TFT quality. The resolution for the screen is 480×800 pixels. The touch screen is quite sensitive and gives a comfort on operating. It is also ready for the use of satellite for radio. This device supports JPEG, WMA/MP3/AAC, CD, DVD, FM and AM radio, and many more. The USB jack on the device allows users to connect the device with the user’s music players such like iPod. It can be used to charge and connect it with the device for easy. This device also provides the unique application called Sens-Me. It enables the device to play music based on our mood, so that we only need to choose our own mood. The songs are the categorized automatically by this application based on its beat, speed, and many more. Is it that unique, right?

Those are only some of the great features which are offers from this device. What do you think about it? We can easily answer it by our self in order to find the best device for our need. However, we can find the reviews from the users of this XAV 60 touch screen by Sony as the considerations to determine whether the device is worth it or not. So far, a lot of users feel satisfied on this product since it does not only offers a great technology and features but also offers the good looking appearance as the in dash device.

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