Car DVD player dual screen

Entertainment is a must on the car these days, especially on the long journey with the kids, family and friends. For many people it’s hard to imagine traveling without music and movies, to accompany us and make the trip more fun and enjoyable. So, what do you need when you’re traveling or on a long trip with the kids? Car DVD player with dual screen so they both can enjoy different movies on each screen without having to disturb each other or watching one movie on the two screens.


Many portable DVD dual screens come with 7-inch screen size (example: Philips PD7016/37 Dual DVD Player) but many of them also comes in 9-inch screen size (check this 9-inch Philips PD9016/37 Portable DVD player). So, which one you should buy? It depends on the budget and because the 9-inch screen size without a doubt is bigger and usually better for watching movies. Beside the unit itself you will also need the dual screen holder to secure the mounting for the headrest; you can check this portable DVD holder which is pretty good and solid to hold the DVD unit.

Many people have been curious and wondering where to buy the cheapest Car DVD Player dual screen unit for the cheapest price possible. Many people will go to various stores before they realize the cheapest one usually available online. There are also many accessories available at an affordable rate such as the adapter where they usually cost below $$ US Dollars and will be shipped to your address, dual screen case also available at around $$ US Dollars and many more accessories for your Car DVD Player dual screen. You can click here if you want to check what’s on sale now on dual screen DVD player category.